Environmental Responsibility

Automatic Systems, a subsidiary of Bolloré Group , is committed to its environmental policy. We carry out our activities with the greatest respect for the common good, while conforming to national legislation and directives.

The Automatic Systems Group Environmental Charter provides a framework for their commitment to the environment. The Group intends to act in the long term for safeguarding the environment by incorporating the following management principles:

Design and manufacturing

70% of the costs and 80% of the environmental and social impact being determined during the design phase.

  • We have renewable and non-polluting resources and our products have a limited environmental footprint
  • Develop long life-cycle products for enhanced sustainability
  • Continuous improvement and prevention of the pollution resulting from the products we produce and the activities we perform
  • Manage the Group’s facilities with respect to the laws, standards and local regulations with the aid of regular environmental performance audits.

Resources and training

  • Reduce exposure of staff to environmental, health and safety risks through the use of safe technologies and operational procedures
  • Allocate the necessary resources (finance and human) to educate and train

Relations with our stakeholders

Ensure that suppliers and subcontractors respect the requirements of the environment and ensure the safety of the environment.
Provide regular and transparent information on its customers, shareholders and partners on the environmental aspect of our facilities and products.

Download here Automatic Systems Environmental Charter


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