Automatic Systems – Product Range

Product range for pedestrian speedgate turnstiles and vehicle barriers from Automatic Systems

With over 50 years of experience, Automatic Systems’ “Quality first” motto, is still a point of pride. The products are reliable, efficient, long lasting and satisfy our clients stringent requirements. Each client request is carefully analyzed by our engineers to ensure that what we deliver meets our client’s needs.


Thanks to the wide variety of Automatic Systems pedestrian products, we have solutions for infinite different pedestrian entrance types. From a small swing gate to a discreet and elegant speedgate, to a high security portal, Automatic Systems has the product for your lobby.

Our speedgate turnstile category includes the SlimLane glass optical barrier turnstile. Its ability to control large flows of people make this swing obstacle turnstile one of our client’s favored choices. It is the ideal product for entrances in prestigious buildings and has many different cabinet options to facilitate the integration of contactless biometric peripherals.

The SlimLite double swing obstacle turnstile offers a high bidirectional throughput while maintaining the users safety and security. This “lighter” version of our renowned SlimLane, is priced for applications that require Automatic Systems reliability in a standardized version. Easy to install, the SlimLite provides a good return on a lower initial investment.

SmartLane 900 NAM Security Entrance Lane Automatic Systems

The SmartLane combines elegance, security and durability. Its sliding doors made out of reinforced glass, available up to 67″ in height, helps prevent unauthorized entries. This retractable glass turnstile is commonly implemented in buildings entrances that require a higher level of entrance security.

Discover the TriLane, our new series of tripod turnstiles ! Available with one or two columns, the TriLane was designed as an efficient indoor and outdoor entrance control turnstile. Its robustness and low energy consumption make it a must-have for areas with a moderate security level and a high traffic flow. They fit perfectly in gyms, recreational centers, museums, amusements parks, etc…

For full height security turnstiles, we offer you the TRS series. They provide an efficient perimeter access control solution that will last for years. The TRS turnstiles were designed to work in the harshest weather conditions. Their clean look means they can also be used for indoor applications. These full  height turnstiles can be found in solutions that require a high level of security and access control, preventing any unauthorized persons from gaining access.

The ClearLock product range offers a series of circular, semi-circular or square security portals in a variety of sizes. The rounded design comes with esthetically pleasing curved sliding doors. These security doors are part of Automatic Systems high security pedestrian products, offering strict access control.

Automatic Systems also has a revolving security door range, the RevLock. These revolvers offer a compromise between high traffic flow and security. Their elegant glass design make them easy to integrate into any building.

These high security doors are mainly found at the entrance of buildings that require the highest level of security such as Data Centers or sensitive locations.


Automatic Systems puts its 50 years of experience in the field of vehicle barriers at your disposal. We offer different categories, each one of them designed for a specific application including but not limited to toll , parking entrances and perimeter security.

For parking lots and perimeter access management, we offer parking gates, the PARKPLUS 100 rising barrier or its articulated model the PARKPLUS 101, as well as the emblematic BL 229.

Motorway tolls require fast, robust and reliable barriers. For this purpose, Automatic Systems has created the BL 229 Toll barriers.

Our BL4x models are long-span barriers. The BL 40 can control the access for entrances with widths up to 26′ (8 meters), the BL 41 is up to 39′ (12 meters) width. They are perfect for controlling access to bridges, tunnels or other wide entrance passageways.

The BL 43 comes with an oval reinforced arm for an increased level of security. Able to control the access to entrances up to 19’2″ (6 meters) in width,  this automatic vehicle gate is equipped with robust mechanisms that are highly resistant to vandalism and forced entry attempts.


Show BLG 77 ETL gate

Recently certified ETL to UL 325 standards, the BLG series is able to close off access to secure sites and restrict both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. These automatic vehicle gates are designed for intensive use, are highly reliable and can function in the harshest weather conditions.

BLG 76 is a unique fenced barrier that is typically used for locations that required a high level of security. The electromagnetic tip support generates over 440 lbs of holding force making the fence impossible to manually lift once closed.  Because of it’s small footprint, lack of tracks and faster opening speed, the BLG76 is an interesting alternative to a sliding gate.

BLG 77 offers a highly efficient access control system. With a variety of heights, lengths, colors and ornamental fencing options, the BLG77 is the ideal solution for entrances that require security while still offering a high throughput.