TRS 370P

The TRS 37x series of Full Height security turnstiles is designed to ensure high-security access control for pedestrian traffic management to provide a hassle-free user experience.

TRS 370P Full-Height Turnstile Automatic Systems

Main Benefits :

  • Modern design
  • Single-user, un-manned automatic access control
  • Indoor perimeter security
  • Safe, simple and effective equipment for demanding, prolonged use
  • Reduced maintenance and security costs
  • Long-term investment based on exceptional durability


Reliability and Performance

  • Mechanism protected from the elements in steel treated top section
  • Can operate in temperatures as low as - 31° F (-35°C) with optional heater

Security and Safety

  • Single passage every time
  • User protection conforms to UL325 standards


Clear Acrylic obstacles for an open look and feel

Applications :

  • Logistics and building sites
  • Administrative buildings
  • Schools and universities


  • Stadiums and sports complexes, amusements parks
  • Ports and airports