ClearLock 656

Automatic Systems’ ClearLock security doors are cylindrical booths that ensure strict entrance control and are especially designed for sensitive sites. The ClearLock 656 comes with a 35 1/2″ passage width.

Main Benefits :

  • Single-user, detection with time of flight or weight system sensor
  • Indoor or façade installation
  • Safe and effective equipment
  • Reduced security costs
  • Long-term investment based on exceptional durability



  • Elegant design with large glass surface
  • Doors mounted directly onto existing floor
  • Compact footprint
  • Round frame
  • Wide range of finishes (brushed or mirror stainless steel, various RAL colors)
  • Tinted glass available


  • Double entrance and exit doors, ensuring high throughput
  • Control panel for set up and control
  • Configurable by TCP/IP


  • Circular booth with sliding single entrance and exit doors that never open simultaneously
  • Bullet, vandalism and theft resistant, fully compliant with industry standards (EN 1063, EN 356, ENV 1627...)
  • Electronic detection systems available to ensure user safety


  • Available options: disassembled for easier installation in accordance with on-site requirements
  • Electronic and mechanical parts located in the canopy, easily accessible for maintenance
  • Wide range of accessories available

Applications :

  • Data Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • Administrative buildings