RevLock 603 / 603T

Automatic Systems’ RevLock offers the most effective flow management solution for physical and electronic security of automated entrance control. The RevLock 603 / 603T comes with a 35 15/16″ passage width and 4 mobile obstacles.

Main Benefits :

  • Single-user, detection with time of flight (T model) or weight system sensor
  • Indoor or façade installation
  • Safe effective equipment for medium security applications with light or moderate throughput



  • Light, modern structure
  • Housing available in a number of RAL paint finishes
  • LED lights in the ceiling for an impressive and luxurious entrance
  • Thin canopy with integrated central rotating hub
  • Doors can be mounted directly onto existing floor


  • Seals and brushes on all sides in compliance with safety regulations
  • Electromechanical locking to withstand forced entry attempts
  • User safety ensured
  • Mechanical safety lock for overnight closing
  • Control panel for set up and control


  • Automated high-security pedestrian access control
  • Energy savings
  • Booth disassembled, in accordance with on-site installation requirements
  • The motor mounted above the canopy, is totally invisible and requires no structural work prior to installation


  • Full-height security doors
  • Bullet, vandalism and theft resistant
  • RevLock 603T - single person detection by TOF

Applications :

  • Logistics and building sites
  • Administrative buildings, schools and universities


  • Hospitals
  • Ports and airports